Katie Deith paintings


 Zaleski  2001 (detail)  oil on canvas  108 x 136 cm

17 November to 16 December 2001

In a new series of paintings Katie Deith investigates the visual language of seduction and escapism.  Romantic visions are juxtaposed like fragments of memory reflecting our nave aspirations to escape to idyllic places.

The initial familiarity of the stereotypical landscapes, recalling images found in the media and holiday brochures, is displaced by disorientation not dissimilar to that of a dream:  the compositions are broken, the colours accentuated, the reality shifted.

Katie Deith finished her BA at the Slade in 2000.  Recent exhibitions include :   2001 - Bittersweet, Danielle Arnaud; Atelier Something, Dalston, London.  1999   William Coldstream Painting Exhibition, Slade Gallery, University of London.  1998 Hong Kong, City of Life, Albermarle Gallery; J. Walter Thompson, Berkeley Square, London.