Katie Deith
Katie Deith, Glade

Katie Deith   Glade  2020  oil on canvas  35 x 45cm 

Katie Deith trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Her paintings depict fantasy landscapes in her obsessive, precise style confidently disturbed by vibrant abstract brushstrokes.

Just like the best writers of Sci-fi, and the best film directors, Katie Deith, in her aesthetically compelling paintings is able to successfully blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy; the figuration in her dream-like landscapes is a convincing iteration of actual scenes, composed as a sort of fantasia on the theme of holiday destinations. — Roy Exley


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Katie Deith, Clearing
Clearing  2019  oil on canvas  51 x 61cm
Katie Deith, Nailchxay
Nalichxay  2017  oil on canvas  102 x 76.5cm
Katie Deith, Croyde, oil on canvas, 2019
Croyde  2019  oil on canvas  25 x 25cm
Katie Deith, Reitishima, oil on canvas, 2018
Retishima  2018  oil on canvas
Katie Deith, Seneligam, oil on canvas, 2017
Seneligam  2017  oil on canvas
Katie Deith, Alinotnas
Alinotnas  2012  oil on canvas  20 x 25cm
Katie Deith, Isicrann
Isicrann  2012  oil on canvas  21 x 26cm
Katie Deith, Salonius, oil on canvas, 2005, 135 x 102cm
Salonius  2005  oil on canvas   135 x 102cm
Katie Deith, Zerter, 2005, oil on canvas
Zertar  2005  oil on canvas   61 x 41cm
Katie Deith, Beket, 2004, oil on canvas
Beket  2004  oil on canvas   26 x 20.5cm
Untitled (snow)  2004  oil on canvas
Nehri  2004  oil on canvas
Riodhan  2004  oil on canvas
Lemuria  2003  oil on canvas  41 x 25.5cm
Leopoldina  2000  oil on canvas  46 x 36cm
Paola  2000  oil on canvas
Kudabux  2000  oil on canvas
Loyola  2000  oil on canvas
Bourtsev  2000  66 x 35.5cm