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Gerry Smith
paintings and painted objects

5 November 12 December 1999


In the park in June 1999 acrylic on polystyrene 122 x 183 cm


Using few but strong colours, Gerry Smith paints pictures where the figurative vies with the abstract. The eye is teased as it moves from the recognisable shapes to the bold abstract patterns created by the images.

The contours and lines have a life of their own: they meander voluptuously (as in "Lets dress up (man)") and can be playful and dynamic or even plain rebellious. (see "Battle").

The background is always a surprise: either with the choice of support (Stirling board, polystyrene) or in the use of the brush giving the graphic images a tactile and sensual quality.

The images are mostly found in discarded leaflets, packagings or in old-fashioned magazines. They indirectly comment on the social, always with sensitivity and humour. They convey a rare optimism; a sense of up-lifting.

Gerry Smith studied at Central School of Art. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Cabinet dArt Contemporain, Brussels (1994); Danielle Arnaud (1995 and 1997); Oliver Sixten, Brussels (1997) and Stichting Kunstbevordering, Brussels (1998). He also exhibited at Sabine Watchers, Brussels (1996); Accident, London (1998); Clink Wharf Gallery, London (1998); The Glass Border, Danielle Arnaud, London (1999) and Nicole Klagsbrun, New York (1999). He has work in private collection in Belgium, USA and UK.