Gerry Smith
Daisies in Blue  2014  oil on board  127 x 127 cm

The paintings of Gerry Smith take their form by imposing a rigorous simplification onto "found" images. The subjects: cities, squares, soldiers or text, have to compete with the optical effects of being translated into a few colours. The choices of "where" and "how" to simplify allow for an unpredictable outcome. These paintings look to the computer screen with envy. Priority is always given to the "hum" of the surface, with each colour clinging to its part of the picture and not allowed to wander.

Gerry Smith's paintings communicate the obvious pleasure that the painter takes in paint, but they also transmit his permanent concern to be an artist eavesdropping on our society. The art of this London painter isn't a simple exploration of the pictorial language, a dialogue of forms and colours, of theme and ground, it is an expression of living: it draws its substance and energy from the life lived in the city, and from the painful awareness of Gerry Smith as a social player. The enigmatic titles spell out this anchorage of the work in the social and open out these pictorial investigations to another level of reading, one that differs from a purely plastic perception.

(C) Michele Minne

SELECTED WORKS *click thumbnails to view larger images
Tree Series
2007, Oil on board
2007, Oil on board, 52 x 61cm
Sun Flower
2007, Oil on board, 91 x 122cm
Flower (GS212)
2006, Oil on board, 122 x 60cm
2005, Oil on board, 153 x 122cm
Black and Red House
2001, Oil on board, 61 x 75cm
People that make you feel bad
1997, Oil on board, 80 x 108cm
Villagers series
2003, Oil on board, 54 x 41cm each
The Village
2004, Oil on board, 122 x 152cm
Egyptian Bird
2004, Oil on board
Poster Painting
2004, Oil on board, 183 x 183cm