Antonio Riello in Venice


Antonio Riello, Tower & Tower 2023
48 x 33cm biro on paper

Danielle Arnaud Venice invite you to a special presentation by the artist Antonio Riello who proposes a selection of  works relating to the Architectural Biennale: drawings, glass works, rugs and a special screening of Flaktum Down.

During WWII huge concrete bunkers, known as Flakturme, were built in Vienna to house anti-aircraft guns. Indestructible, they remain war scars, obsolete and useless.

If you are in Venice in September, please join the artist for aperitif - or, if you prefer, tea and cakes! - on

Wednesday 13 September, 7pm

Thursday 14 September, 7pm

Saturday 16 September, 7pm

For further information and to book an evening, please contact


Still from Flaktum Down, Video HD 15', 20''


Garage 2023, 45 x 45 cm, biro on paper

Boutique, 100 x 70cm, biro on paper