Andrea Gregson

Transports of Delight  

Transports of DelightTransports of Delight

Examples of Wardian Cases  Credit: Historic UK     

Friday 14 October - 12 November 2022

In the 1830s, East London doctor and amateur naturalist Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward invented a sealed glass case, an ecosphere in which plants could survive heavily polluted air. The Wardian case was soon being used for the transport of plants by sea around the world. From garden plants such as jasmine and rhododendrons to cash crops like bananas and tea, this simple invention transformed global economies and environments and shaped the world we live in.

Transports of Delight, will explore the impact of this simple but world changing invention which links themes of colonialism, environment and the collection and display of plants associated with broader historical narratives.

The exhibition will feature around twenty artists from Britain and abroad with an accompanying publication.