Neville Gabie and Joan Gabie

The edition Emailing Antartica was fist made as part of a commission by the Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery in response to their own archive of the writings and drawings of Edward Wilson, the Antarctic explorer who died alongside Scott attempting to reach the South Pole.
Neville Gabie spent four months at Halley research station, Antarctica as artist in residence with the British Antarctic Survey in 2008 – 2009. Whilst there, he sent a daily email to his wife Joan, who in turn responded in turn with a daily drawing. The edition contains digital prints of all the drawings and all the emails in full.
The long distance communication is intended to echo the challenges of communicating between home and the expedition party of Scott in 1910 of which Edward Wilson was a key part. The edition contains a copy of Wilson’s last letter to his wife and a telegram sent by her to the UK from New Zealand where she was awaiting news.

Emailing Antartica
loose leaf digital prints with a separate book containing all the email correspondence, in a hard linen embossed box

31.5 x 43.5 x 8 cm

Limited edition from 25 - 95

£1500 each + VAT

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