Helen Maurer
Helen Maurer, Alter, 2017
Alter  2017  50cm x 47cm x 11cm, projection approximately 50cm above and below the shelf. Photo: Sebastian Sharples

Helen Maurer is an artist and educator, working primarily with glass, light and sound to create site-specific installations. She lives and works in London. Having spent many years living on a boat, water and reflection are recurring themes within her practice. Through experimenting with materials, research and conversation, Maurer endeavours to find a poetic narrative in response to a place/ idea. She originally studied Fine Art and Theatre and was a fellow at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art before completing an MA at the Royal College of Art. As well as making work for exhibition and commission, she enjoys collaborating with other artists and musicians.

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> Exhibitions at the gallery: Danielle Arnaud Venice  2022; A Christmas Selection  2020; 25 Years  2020; A bird in the head 2017; re Composing  2016; London Art Fair  2016; Glass Cat  2013; The Rock Garden  2013; Wunderkammern  2006; In Spledid Isolation  2002
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Helen Maurer, re Connected re Creation, 2016
re Connected re Creation  2016  Commission by Illuminate York for Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York
Helen Maurer, re Composing  installation view by Oskar Proctor
Installation view: re Composing  2016  at Danielle Arnaud. Photo by Oskar Proctor
Helen Maurer, re Composing, 2016 
Installation view: re Composing  2016  at Danielle Arnaud. Photo by Oskar Proctor
Glass Fountain  2013   installation detail
Helen Maurer Set Dance
Set Dance, 2008, Overhead projectors, glass, mirrors, painted wood and sound
Towner Offsite, Winter Garden, Compton Street, Eastbourne
High Tide, 2006, Overhead projector, glass, mirror and painted wood
Family Tree, 2006, Overhead projector, glass, mirrors, lens, perspex painted wood and video projector
Turn a Blind Eye, 2005, Telescope, flagpoles, flags, LCD screenmedium
Turn a Blind Eye was part of The Nelson Touch 2005, presented at the Royal Naval Museum in collaboration with Aspex Gallery and was curated by Victoria Preston. Helen Maurer created a telescope acting as a camera obscura - projecting a small image of a scene outside the building on to a flat surface in the museum. In Portsmouth Historic Dockyard she has hung a Nelsonic message encoded in flags which is inverted by the telescope - a symbol of distress. The installation is complimented with archive footage of events and marches shot in Trafalgar Square, the sight of Nelson's Column.
Cave Painting, 2003, Overhead projector, glass
Untitled, 2003, Overhead projector, glass, perspex and metal
Over Exposed
Over Exposed, 2002, Overhead projector, glass, perspex
Alpha Light frames, 2001, Projector glass perspex and wood, projection approx 250 x 300cm
Green Birdie, 2002, Glass, perspex, wood and halogen light
Loop, 2002, Glass, perspex, painted wood and halogen light