Rieko Akatsuka
Rieko Akatsuka, Always (t)here, 2017

Rieko Akatsuka Always (t)here  2017  wood and mixed media  40.5 x 27.3 cm  installation view by Oskar Proctor


Rieko Akatsuka is an artist based in Tokyo and London. In 2001, she graduated in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London. Her book about her father, Fujio Akatsuka, ‘Bakabon no Papa yori Baka na Papa’ was published in 2010.

> Curriculum vitae
> Exhibitions at the gallery: London Art Fair  2018, A bird in the head  2017, Machinic Alliances  2008  
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Rieko Akatsuka, Here and Now, 2018, mixed media 
Here and Now
2018  mixed media
Rieko Akatsuka, Akatsuka, 2015, mixed media, 135x60x60 
2015  mixed media  135 x 60 x 60cm
Rieko Akatsuka,Untitled (print 2), 2015, inkjet print, perspex, 29.7 x 39.5 
Untitled (print 2)
2015  inkjet print, perspex  29.7 x 39.5cm
Rieko Akatsuka,T(here), 2015, mixed media, UV light, 135x60x60 
2015  mixed media, UV light,  135 x 60 x 60cm
Rieko Akatsuka, I Wish You Were Here, 2014, mixed media, UV light, 23.5x39x30 
I Wish You Were Here
2014  mixed media, uv light  23.5 x 39 x 30cm
Rieko Akatsuka,My Family Tradition, 2011, mixed media, 260x360x360 
My Family Tradition
2011  mixed media  260 x 360 x 360cm
2006, origami
Collaboration with Alexa de Ferranti, 2003, mixed media
Print 3, 4, 5
2002, inkjet print on paper
Circuit Board G
2002, computer components and mixed media
2002, perpex, printed film and light, 350 x 500cm
Untitled Print F
2001, inkjet print on paper
1999-2000, computer components and mixed media