POLLY GOULD  The Dead and the Blind

Part performance, part cinematic experience, The Dead and the Blind is a narrative about blind typists and indecent exposure.  It is about the gaze unreturned, filmic soundtracks and being left in the dark.





CLAUDIA KAPPENBERG  Composition of the Arbitrary

Claudia works in both video and performance, alone and with others, to explore patterns of the everyday. For this work she has invited four more performers to join her to create a movement based ritual. Using their own pulse as a score the performers circulate as in an abacus, attempting to configure the elusive.  The work explores linguistic interventions such as counting as a means of consciousness and control within an arbitrary circumstance.

Performers:  Fran Barbe  Nicola Collett  Claudia Kappenberg  Rainer Knupp  Navraj Sidhu