Sense & Nonsense

Leo  Lucky Stars  2003  lettering and light bulbs
Gerry Smith  Curtains  2003 
oil on linen
Martin Herman and Jack Vandermissen  La Lune  2003  video



Sandra Cross  Anagnost  2003  wallpaper and lettering




Perry Roberts  Here and There  2002  benches 
courtesy Galerie Annie Gentils
David Bate       European Letters  1993 
b/w photograph
William English  Hugh de la Cruz  2001  b/w photograph
                         What did we eat today  2003 video
David Robilliard A Candle in the dark ...  1998  acrylic on canvas 
courtesy Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery



Christian Israel  London Couples  2003



David Lamelas  From the Back  1994  film stills
Aldous Eveleigh  Identity Parade  Fernando Pessoa  2003
ink on Japanese paper



Angel Vergara  Chapellerie Haute  1994  newspapers, paint, hat and photograph
Gerry Smith  Tell me that dinner is ready  2002 
oil on board
Hywel Wyn Jones
The Blue over the Green  2003  pencil on paper


Susan Morris  T - Bar  2001
video projection



Glauce Cerveira  dog  2003
ink on tracing paper





Oona Grimes  aaaggh  2003
artist's book



Marcel Broodthaers