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      The future as it was b/w photograph 24 x 36"

David Bate    ZerO Culture

14 January to 27 February 2000

ZerO Culture is a science photo-fiction about culture in the millennial moment. Zero means nothing which nevertheless always means something, especially when another number is in front of it. Zero is what always remains when nothing else is left but it is what there is when nothing needs to be represented. Thus, the zero is a term used to mean both an absence and a presence, both the degree zero of a culture and what makes it add up to something. The photo-works in the exhibition suggest fragments of stories in our time, implied, but not told: distance, closeness, technology and the space we live in.

Zero Culture is about the state of things. A catalogue of the work with additional texts is available.

The exhibition follows Twentieth Century Air at Five Years gallery space in December 1999.

David Bate studied at the Polytechnic of Central London and the University of Leeds. His work has been exhibited at accident, London, Museu dArt, Girona, Dazibao in Montreal, Focal-Point Gallery at Southend, Montage Gallery in Derby, Camerawork in London, Mercer Union in Toronto, CFAR, Five Years and Danielle Arnaud in London, f.stop in Bath, Impressions in York, Saaremaa in Estonia, Portfolio in Edinburgh, Warmoestratt 139 in Amsterdam and have also been published in books and catalogues.