Vita Zaman       Wolf-hunt


23 June to 9 July 2000

Vita Zaman's video installation Wolf-hunt focuses on paradoxical experience of space.  The video projections together with epic photographs articulate the interior of the gallery as a hybrid heterotopia : where elegant display of domestic stenography and obscure reliquary left by the invisible other merge.

Wolves are reminiscent of death and lust. They threaten with fantasies of transformation into a werewolf and fascinate with the melancholy of extinction. The wolf-hunt is a ritual of spectatorship that redefines the civilized territory of the art gallery into a periphery of desire.

Vita Zaman was born in Lithuania and studied at Goldsmiths College (Art History and Fine Art).  She is now preparing a MA in photography at the Royal College of Art.  Recent exhibitions include: 1998 Uncut, ICA London; Jargonaut, Beaconsfield, London; About Time Performance Festival, Cardiff.  1999 Multiples x 3, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin; Articultural Show, South Bank, RFH, London; Ready Made Project, Wunderkammer, London.  2000 Absolute Secret, RCA, London;  Interim Show, RCA;  Lost Horizons, Camberwell College of Art, London;  Daily Good Deed, Wunderkammer, London.