Sense & Nonsense

a dialogue between Belgian and British artists


12 September to 26 October 2003



Jean-Philippe Defaut  Las Vegas  2001



Orla Barry  David Bate  Marianne Berenhaut  Marcel Broodthaers

Glauce Cerveira  Gordon Cheung  Sandra Cross  Jean-Philippe

Defaut  Els Dietvorst  William English  Aldous Eveleigh  Oona Grimes

John Guest  Ian Hamilton Finlay  Nicky Hodge  Christian Israel

Hywel Wyn Jones  Barry Kemp  John Roger King  David Lamelas

Leo  Laura Malacart  Herman Martin  David McKeran  Andrea Merciar

Susan Morris  Perry Roberts  David Robilliard  Guy Rombouts

Rombouts & Droste  Kevin Rowe  Gerry Smith  Walter Swennen

Jack Vandermissen  Angel Vergara  Bernard Villers


Sense & Nonsense is an adventure in which Belgian art and artists provide the inspiration.  The exhibition hopes to explore the mischievous nature of Belgian art through the collision of different languages: primarily the language of the picture with the language of words.  British artists have been invited to appear alongside their Belgian neighbours to generate a dialogue of shared ideas and fortuitous encounters.


The exhibition is curated by Gerry Smith.


With thanks to the Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London; Galerie Annie Gentils, Antwerp; Michael Novy and Maria Gilissen, Brussels.


Installation Views



Orla Barry Waiting  1995
postcard and typed lettering



David Bate Homogeneity 1993
digitally processed photograph



Marianne Berenhaut House  1992
cut-out painted metal



Glauce Cerveira Small Comforts  1997
monoprint on filofax paper



Hywel Wyn Jones  The Flesh is more interesting than the bone  2003
mixed media



John Guest Hanging On 2001
oil on canvas



Barry Kemp Grosvenor House  2003
oil on linen



Leo Lucky Stars  2002
lettering and light bulbs



Laura Malacart Tribute to Valie  2003



Perry Roberts  Here and There  2002
steel and inlaid plywood
courtesy: Galerie Annie Gentils



David McKeran sincerley  2003
wood and paint



Guy Rombouts 
What I dream of is an art devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter, something like a good armchair  2003
paper and nail
courtesy: Galerie Annie Gentils



Gerry Smith The Ark  1999
mdf, oil and ceramic