Lisa Z. Morgan      The Phainomenon of Pink


Pink-Ness No 6 perfume                   Spinning video 8


7 to 29 April 2001

The Pink Panther imitates nothing, it reproduces nothing, it paints the world its color, pink on pink; this is its becoming-world, carried out in such a way that it becomes imperceptible itself, asignifying, makes its rupture, its own line of flight, follows its aparellel evolution through to the end


Lisa Z. Morgan may not be the Pink Panther but she is the Pink Investigator: her voyage is the exploration and uncovering of the Pink-ness.  The journey is free fall pink and the route is mapped by following an emotional and intuitive course.

The artists passion for the pink lies in the experiential perception of understanding: the Pink-ness is / becomes its own phenomenon or phainomenon, literally meaning that which shows itself in itself.  The Phainomenon of Pink is an exhibition in which pink becomes its own language and its own theory.  Pink perception is sense perception.

The perfume Pink-Ness No 6 accesses a passage into the internal world.  The scent itself does not smell of pink in the obvious sense of candy floss, bubblegum or roses (although there is a whisper of rose as an ingredient).  Rather it is the natural response of the body toward the scent, the inner sensorial sensation, the sexual stirring and the warmth of movement that is the pink.

Lisa Z. Morgan is now a researcher at the Royal College of Art after completing her MA there in 1999.  Recent exhibitions include: 2000 - Box Project at the Museum of Installation, London touring to the Turnpike Gallery, Manchester and the Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.  1999 Voluptus, The Vitrine, Museum of Installation, London.  She was also commissioned to produce a Millennium window in St Mary the Virgin Church, Fryerning, Essex