In Touch
20 July - 1 September 2020
Curated by Tess Charnley
In Touch Virtual Exhibition

In Touch  virtual gallery detail view

Sola Olulode, Alix Marie, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Patricia & Marie-France Martin, Mandy Franca, Paulette Phillips and Charlotte Edey

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In Touch is an investigation of touch, positioned in a space that opposes tactility. The show considers touch as an anchor, our rootlessness in its lack.

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Holly Davey 
A Script for an Archive
25 September - 24 October 2020

Katharine Fry 
Please call me home
6 November - 5 December 2020



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25 Years
6 July - 15 September 2020
Celebrating 25 years of the gallery
25 Years Virtual Exhibition

25 Years  virtual gallery detail view

Dinu Li | Katie Deith | Suky Best | Finlay Taylor | Paul Ryan | Paulette Phillips |
Neville Gabie | Dunhill and O'Brien | Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva | Freya Gabie |
Helen Maurer | Richard McVetis | Nicholas Pace | Oona Grimes | Nicky Hodge | Antonio Riello | Katrin Hanusch | Annie Whiles | Katharine Fry |
Marie-France & Patricia Martin | Fran Burden | Abraham Kritzman |
Sophie Lascelles | David Bate | Kim L Pace | Marc Hulson | Nicky Coutts |
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos and Jan Hogan | Rieko Akatsuka |
Gerry Smith | Heather Ross | Kate Scrivener | Kathleen Herbert | Effie Paleologou |
Louisa Fairclough | David Cotterrell

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25 Years, our summer exhibition, was due to open mid-June to celebrate 25 years of the gallery. Over 40 artists were invited to reflect on the notion of time (scientific, philosophical, real or imagined) with site specific artworks to be installed in the Georgian space which has housed the gallery for the last 25 years.

Then time stopped… the gallery closed; the artists were confined; some studios had to close; teaching had to be ‘performed’ online; some felt loneliness setting in; others had to multi-task. Many of the artists were left with no time or space to produce new work. A sabbatical for some, harshness for others, a challenging time for all.