Gerry Smith       new paintings




6 to 28 July 2001

Presented by  Danielle Arnaud  at                            Gallery Westland Place
                                                                                13 Westland Place
                                                                             London N1 7LP

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In March 2000 Gerry Smith was invited to live and work in the countryside south-east of Brussels in a converted farm.  This exhibition centres itself around the paintings realised during his stay.

Within this peaceful situation the artist was fed and watered along with other members of the family and occasionally spoiled.  He was left free from interruptions, taking the odd walks with Venus the family dog and perhaps a visit to Delhaize*.

With the work now back home, what do we have?

Paintings of:  Fire, Cows, Chickens, a Young Girl, a Train, Zebras and lots and lots of Trees.

In the paintings, using few but strong colours, the artist creates pictures where the figurative vies with the abstract.  The eye is teased as it moves from the recognisable shapes to the bold abstract patterns created by the images.

* a Belgian supermarket

Gerry Smith studied at Central School of Art London.  Exhibitions include solo shows at Atelier dArgent, Brussels (1993), Cabinet dArt Contemporain, Brussels (1994), Danielle Arnaud, London (1995, 1997 and 1999), Oliver Sixten, Brussels (1997) and Stichting Kunstbevordering, Brussels (1998).  He also exhibited at Sabine Watchers, Brussels (1996), Accident and Clink Wharf Gallery , London (1998), The Glass Border, Danielle Arnaud (1999), Nicole Klagsbrun, New York (1999), I.A.F., London (2000) and Galerie Dialoog, Oostend (2001).